Animal Wellness – Cat Hotel 2016

Animal Wellness 2016

Kitty Haven was established as a cat sanctuary in September 2000, and started taking in puppies in 2004 and became known as Kitty & Puppy Haven. In 2004 we broke away from our Bramley Branch and have changed our name to Kitty Shelter, so that we can put all our focus and attention on our animals in Parkwood. We are a non-profit, welfare organization and do not receive any Government funding. As such, we rely heavily on donations from the public – people who care about animals in the same way we do.
Merien Smidt, founder of Kitty Shelter, recognised an on-going need for an animal welfare organisation that focused on the health of the animals. Disease was rife in most welfare organisations, to visit them was a depressing experience, especially in those with a policy of not putting down their animals. Merien’s primary aim is to provide a healthy, safe and stress-free environment to aid the rehabilitation of the animals, as well as a beautiful and happy space, for animals and human visitors alike.

Aims and focus of the project
THE CAMPAIGN: Create an awareness campaign relating to animal welfare, you are to identify a problem in that affects animals in need.

THE SHELTE: You are required to design a product leading off from your awareness campaign. Something that improves the wellbeing and health of animals and helps towards solving your identified problem.


The purpose of the Cat Hotel is to create a unique and comfortable environment where cats can live while the owners are on holiday.


We discussed with the owners of kitty shelter what their needs are and tried to understand how we could help to achieve their goals. This was done by creating designs that are unique as well as practical for the cats. There wish of an over the top design gave the group space to think creatively and expand on our skills.

  • Folders and form
  • Cat hotel – passport
  • Brochure
  • Flyers
  • Cat hotel rooms: Cairo, Paris, Beijing, Cape Town, Venice, Japan, London, India, Mauritius, New York