Autism Film 2016

Autism 2016

Autism is a developmental disability with no clear cause. Most experts believe that Autism manifests itself genetically and has no cure. The condition’s full name is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), meaning that there is a near-infinite amount of iterations of levels of severity/functionality, but the varying levels are commonly classified into distinct spectrums of the degree of severity. The two most common forms of Autism are the Autistic Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome and feature the following symptoms:

The aims and focus of the project
This project seeks to add to the e-Motion suite of games for children diagnosed with Autism and Asperger’s, as developed previously. However, your focus can fall upon any learning disability/ difficulty. The goal is to develop a series of stimulating and meaningful solutions to enhance the children’s overall learning experience (if the solutions can be multifunctional, it’s even better). You will need to work with your target audience in mind in order to attain the best possible results.


Our initial goal was to raise awareness for autistic children which would help them. Our research led us to finding that autistic children face many difficulties within their communities. We found stories in the media about how autistic children were ill-treated because people didn’t always understand the effects that autism had and what it was like to have autism. When we approached Autism South Africa, they agreed with our project direction and even suggested a few stories from South Africa. One of the articles that stood out for us was one about a child who jumped out a window and fell 120ft because she was she was unable to perceive the danger of doing so. Therefore our main objective was to create awareness for those who are unaware of the difficulties autistic kids face


We have created three soundless short adverts for Autism South Africa. The videos do not have sound because they are going to be played on public monitors and doctors’ rooms etc.

- One of which will display how an autistic child does not know how to react to his mothers’ affection and therefore shrugs and tries to pull away when she does.

- The second which will display how an autistic child does not understand metaphors, thus the teacher will ask the little girl to “pull her socks up”, and due to the Childs’ lack of understanding metaphors she will physically pull up her socks.

- The final video is based on the case study that we found. The child with autism is falling 20ft out of a buildings’ window, however this was not his fault due to his inability to perceive a dangerous situation. His parents were not cautious enough and hadn’t taken his disability as serious as they should have.