Existing Products – Group 1 2015

Kopanang 2015

Kopanang community project – A project that has been running since 2001, to uplift the lives of women on the fringes of society. This is done through offering emotional support and a caring community, an opportunity to earn a basic living through the making embroidered products. Most of the women live in shacks, around Tsakane, a township far from any town or job opportunities, have little formal education, and are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.
The project is currently undertaking an intensive formation and training initiative, with the aim of the project becoming managed and run by the women.

The aims and focus of 2015

To assist the community to improve sales and thus income through more effective products, packaging and marketing.
To work with their design team to improve their understanding of design to become more self-sufficient.


The objective of this group was:
• To create a demand for the products
• To design a cover that is it more interesting than the one they currently have
• To add more functions to the ipad cover
• To use material that will give the product more cushioning therefore making the ipad safer and secure.
• To design a cover that is the accurate size for an IPad or Tablet.
• To take into consideration the weight of the cover for exporting
• They requested a cover that can appeal to business class and school kids
• Move away from using felt as it had hinders


Ipad Cover Design 1
• It is ideal for business and school purposes
• It can hold pens and a note pad
• It is convenient
• This design requires the use of hard plastic
• This would be a completely new design process for the ladies

• It functions as both a cover and a stand
• The folds would be created by making use of magnets
• However it is not easy to make, and It is costly

Ipad Cover Design 2
• This design uses a similar process to what the ladies already use
• This would add interest to the current design
• Sleeves and pockets would be incorporated to add more functionality to the cover
• The design enables storage for cards, papers and pens
• It is quick to make