Fab-Culture Perma-Lab Workshop and Branding 2018

The aim of this 10% project for you, my peach, to invent and resolve to design a proto-typable, Permaculture orientated product, to inspire, innovation and attract users to Fab Labs and Permaculture, as well as show the potential of these two initiatives. This empowers prospective communities to recreate your invention, which in the process of making, cultivates learning, the transfer of knowledge, skill sharing and innovation. Your design solution will also illustrate how Permaculture can improve communities and inform design and new designers.

This year Fab Lab, Permaculture and the Living Room are working together like ctrl C & ctrl V. The Living is a space to inspire and is all about promoting a unique urban eco-system. Greenside Design Center, Fab Lab, Permaculture, The Living Room and their sister project Temple Botanica will be working together to create a new sustainable environment for communities, business initiatives and designers

Temple Botanica is a location right outside Jo’burg city and is a paradise for plants to thrive with their iconic geo-dome as well as spacious, cascading back yard. Temple Botanica aims to grow and care for plants in the most sustainable ways as possible along with keeping their restaurant, The Living Room running, with décor coming from Temple B as well as providing an Airbnb on Temple Botanica.


High school students need to learn in a twenty first century way of thinking as well as learn about sustainable living in our modern era, because high school students need be able to think critically and work more independently all while learning about Permaculture and sustainability of which Temple Botanica provides the means to achieve this.


In order to overcome our problem we came up with our primary objectives that needed completion;

  • Create a logo and basic visual style for Temple Botanica.
  • Create a Grade 9 brief on an appropriate permaculture project In a project based learning format.
  • Create a Grade 10 brief that expands on the knowledge and skills from the previous briefs on an appropriate permaculture project that also allows for a site visit to Temple Botanica and case study on a system in the location.


As a group we created designs for the:

  • Master branding
  • Permaculture workshops
  • Grade 9: Student and Teacher Manual
  • Grade 10: Student and Teacher Manual