G-Central Multimedia and Social Platforms 2017

G-Central 2017

Worx Group is an Advertising and Promotion company situated in the heart of Greenside who are trying to actively revamp Greenside and grow awareness of businesses and events through a recognizable Brand on various media platforms to change the mind-set of existing residents but also entice new foot traffic, and business set up to this specific location. The location is centralized between Doppio Zero, Woolworths, and Mikes Bikes.

Students will be engaging with an existing Brand designed by Worx group to create a signature look and vibe and apply it to the following:
1. Further Brand applications and collateral
2. Various multimedia and social platforms,
3. Live events and activations
4. Urban installations


Our responsibilities included the design, development and functioning of all Digital & Multi Media Platforms including:

  • G Central website
  • Advertising Events Banners
  • All social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter,


The design solution invites users to come into greenside, by creating a wayfinding system, users will have specific places to meet, making coming to greenside in large groups easier and less stressful. This makes greenside the perfect place to meet on the weekends. The application brings people into greenside because of the social media hype and augmented reality, Pokomon-go was such a hype because of this fun and engaging technology. The website and App make it easier for people to plan their outings and meals. The Car guard rating system allows individuals to feel safe parking in greenside and bringing more people into greenside. The colors of the wayfinding system bring greenside to life, visualizing the creativity that is abundant within g-central.

We produced:

  • Website home page, about page and store directory
  • Media Gallery, blog , store directory, live banner feeds
  • Upcoming events and live streaming events
  • App development, including Wayfinding and iconography