ILIMA Branding 2018

The Ilima Learning Centre caters to the community of Lanseria and the workers

of Stature Steel Company to empower and develop skills. This facility houses a school, creche and skills development workshops for adults in the community, primarily women.


The aim of this group was to develop a cohesive brand identity for the Ilima Learning Centre.

The new branding direction

needed to take into consideration the founders’ personal tastes and

requests as well as keeping in mind the different situations the brand would be found in. Sustainable design and human-centred design would form a large part of the design process.

Branding elements included:

  • Logo Design
  • Colour & Typeface Choices
  • Business Cards
  • Signage
  • Brand Guide


The group’s main focus was to create a minimalistic brand style which draws from the imagery of “the house on a hill” and an olive tree. They found inspiration from designs drawn from nature, in an elegant, professional manner.

In order to develop design solutions that would be successful in the real world, the team worked closely with the client to establish the appropriate look and feel. As Ilima has no prior branding, they started with a ‘blank canvas’.