ILIMA Prefabricated Structures 2018

The Ilima Learning Centre caters to the community of Lanseria and the workers

of Stature Steel Company to empower and develop skills. This facility houses a school, creche and skills development workshops for adults in the community, primarily women.


The aim of the prefabricated structures group was to come up with a specific design solution for the interiors of the structures as well as the signage of these structures.

Interior Designs for the Creative Centre, Literacy Centre, Building Centre, Discovery Centre, Playroom, Staff Room and Lavatories were developed for the client.


Exterior Design colour palettes inspired by: Pastel Pantones, the natural

landscape, Client-given colours and brand specific colours. The organic pattern work was inspired by the surrounding Magaliesburg mountain range.

Signage and Icon design, developed in collaboration with the branding group.

Literacy Centre

  • Relaxed learning environment
  • Storage for books – Wall mounted Shelves (floor space)
  • White board tables for optimal learning

Creative Centre

  • Creative Space to develop the child’s musical knowledge
  • Crate seating also acts as storage
  • Incorporates an interactive musical wall

Building Centre

  • Encourage concentration
  • The space aims to improve their building/ mathematic skills
  • Crate storage doubles up as building blocks for interactive learning
  • White board tables for optimal learning

Discovery Centre

  • Natural elements
  • White board tables for optimal learning
  • Interactive walls for optimal learning
  • Crate seating doubles as storage – can be stacked and stored

The Playroom

  • Interactive boards for optimal learning
  • Different carpets for tactile development.
  • Incorporates colourful storage systems.
  • Lap desks helps to make the most of the available floor space