Mind Works imPosters 2015

Mind Works

Mental health care users are one of the most vulnerable, invisible and forgotten groups of people in our society. Very often they are not in a position to eloquently state their concerns and grievances; there is still much stigma and discrimination against them; many face physical, sexual and psychological abuse, unfair denial of employment opportunities and discrimination in access to health care and other services.

The aim of the project is to explore and deliver design solutions to a subject that is considered to be one that is both stigmatised and marginalised. The focus of this project is to select certain mental health disorders as directed from our client SADAG and to find design solutions that can bring awareness to these disorders as well as to highlight mental health. 

Awareness Posters


As a group we were required to design a series of posters that will create awareness of mental health, empathy and attention to people within the Diepsloot Community and urban people who are in and around the city. We are also required to design an annual promotional poster for a ‘Cycle event’ that SADAG will host in October. This poster will need to target the middle to upper class people, as the event is costly.

Event Posters


Awareness Posters

These posters are to be aimed to people in and around the city. We will design three posters to create awareness of issues according what research says is the moment common. The three issues that we will tackle are: Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety

Cycle Event / Family Fun Day

These posters are to be designed for the corporate industry e.g. Doctor’s rooms. The intention of these posters is to sell the Cycle Event. We have decided not only to make a poster but to make postcard, which will be available in close proximity to the poster to inform those interested more on the event.


Megan, Dani, Solly, Simphiwe, Fatima, Bianca