Mind Works Joy Hub 2015

Mind Works

Mental health care users are one of the most vulnerable, invisible and forgotten groups of people in our society. Very often they are not in a position to eloquently state their concerns and grievances; there is still much stigma and discrimination against them; many face physical, sexual and psychological abuse, unfair denial of employment opportunities and discrimination in access to health care and other services.

The aim of the project is to explore and deliver design solutions to a subject that is considered to be one that is both stigmatised and marginalised. The focus of this project is to select certain mental health disorders as directed from our client SADAG and to find design solutions that can bring awareness to these disorders as well as to highlight mental health. 

Interior Designs


SADAG created a space for counseling for those who seek it. At the moment there is a shipping container that has two offices for counseling. They see over 40 patients a month due to the constricting factor of having space for only two counselors.

Our goal is to redesign the current shipping container including the interior and exterior so that the SADAG counselling organisation can grow and help more people in the Diepsloot area with their mental health. 

  • Design interior and exterior spaces of a counselling container
  • Two separate interior spaces used simultaneously for office and counselling activities
  • Multifunctional exterior space to attract visitors to the site and allow for activities to take place

Exterior Designs


Zone 1 – Interior (Materials & Cost)
Zone 2 – Group Therapy (Chairs & Vertical Garden)
Zone 3 – Table & Herb Garden (Herbs & Chairs)
Zone 4 – Pause Area/ Rock Garden (Stones & Pot Plants And Sculptures)
Zone 5 – Veggie Garden
Zone 6 – Flower Garden (Flowers)


Kayla, Tashima, Rosy, Bianca, Rebecca, Houston, Caroline, Lucy