Jozi Gem Film 2017

Jozi Gem 2017

Jozi-Gem is a project that aims to source extraordinary artists in Johannesburg and uplift and empower them through creating a catalogue, a film and social media help.

The students are tasked to source street artists from the street community of artists around Johannesburg. Some of the main markets to look for quality street artists would be the Rosebank Crafters Market, William Nichol Market and the Crafters Shop below Moyo’s at Zoo Lake. You may include graffiti artists, wire sculptors, wood carvers, metal workers i.e. basically anyone who makes and sells art in and from the streets of Johannesburg.


Our group focused on creating short films for each individual artists. Through the film we hoped to create promotional material that will assist the artisans in their business venture. We aimed to capture the person, process and portfolio for each individual.


Our outputs for this project were short films focusing on each chosen artworks. These were to be utilized by the artists to promote themselves and their works. Each film can placed on their social media accounts as well as other sites such as YouTube. In order to keep the connections between the artists and the videos, social media links were provided at the end of each film. We believe that this output will successfully benefit the artists as it is a low cost, low maintenance form of promotion

The films show off the artists in an interesting manner that will attract the eye of many people. However, getting to this point was difficult as there was no set filming plan that resulted in inconsistencies in film footage for each artists. The constant change in graphics or style (such as colour scheme) made it difficult to finalise opening sequences and end credits.