Jozi Gem JHF Programs and Events 2018

Johannesburg Heritage Foundation =

The Johannesburg Heritage foundation is a non-profit organisation which aims to protect our built heritage resources which are precious, non-renewable, finite and irreplaceable. Through its core activities of Tours, Research, Education, Conservation and Activism, the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation aims to protect our rich and varied heritage within Johannesburg and its associated social history, for the use and enjoyment of both current and future generations.

The aim of the project is to explore and deliver design solutions for the Johannesburg Heritage foundation. This will take the form of refining critical touch points of the brand and their public and social image.

The focus of the project is to assist and collaborate with the JHF (Johannesburg Heritage foundation) to build and improve the message to their community through the use of design.


Problem Statement: The JHF needed to host more events and market themselves to raise funds and awareness of heritage


This group came up with various strategies to raise fund for the foundation and were responsible for:

  • Designing the annual program
  • Facilitate considerations for new event suggestions
  • Conceptualize new innovative ways the JHF can raise funds