JPCCC Interior 2015

JPCCC 2015

JPCCC was started in 1944 as the Child Guidance Clinic with the focus being on assisting families with children who were presenting learning and/or emotional problems. Among the services offered were assessments and therapy for both children and parents. Due to the changing needs of South African communities, the Centre has expanded to include services to children, youth, their families and the systems which impact on them. In line with modern Child and Family Care Philosophy and the new Children's Act of South Africa, the strengthening and preservation of family life is the focus of services to communities. Early detection of, and intervention into, difficulties experienced by children and their families is vital in order to build capacity in families and communities.

The aims and focus of the project:
Through community engagement, he JPCCC aims to mitigate challenges faced by children (barriers to learning, social, emotional and behavioural developmental difficulties). The goal is to move children from a state of survival to one of optimal development. By mitigating these challenges it allows for increased opportunity as each child will be able to reach their individual potential. By supporting the development of children and the JPCCC we are able to alleviate some of their challenges.


The interior group used colours to uplift the space using wayfinding whilst keeping the space in context to that of Hillbrow, allowing the kids to relate to the space. Products have been designed and incorporated within each space.
• To design a suitable environment for the children in which they feel at home
• To enhance the individual rooms according to their respective functions
• To make use of whatever is already in place (furniture, fixtures) while making worthwhile improvements within the budget


Counselling room 1

  • This room focusses on tranquillity incorporating a herb garden, encouraging a calming atmosphere. Soothing herbs such as Lavender and Chamomile to relieve anxiety.
  • White walls with violet and lavender accents.
  • Hand made, paper butterfly wall decor.

Counselling room 2

  • One on one rooms where counselors spend time with individuals for their planning, time management and coping skills.
  • This is the one on one counselling room. The main colour of this room is yellow and the shelving used will be paint buckets that have been painted according to the colour scheme of the other rooms.
  • The furniture is existing, all timber has been stained white including the existing built in cupboard and chair seats have been fabric painted a different colour.

Life skills room

  • Create a peaceful setting in which the kids are comfortable to interact with each other
    Circular seating to create an atmosphere for community and sharing
  • Blue and yellow are the proposed colours, one wall is covered with a magnetic paint (letters and words, quotes)

Resource Room

  • The concept behind this room was to create an environment in which the kids could relate with their surroundings. Using the Johannesburg skyline and the Nelson Mandela bridge, brought everyday surroundings into their immediate learning environment.
  • Using the Skyline as a chalk board encourages the children to write down and draw any ideas or feelings they may have onto the walls. While the Nelson Mandela Bridge has been transformed into a book shelf, symbolically representing, the Iconic Nelson Mandela as well as a bridge of knowledge and books.

Additional rooms: Training room and Two eating rooms