JPCCC Life Skills Group 2015

JPCCC 2015

JPCCC was started in 1944 as the Child Guidance Clinic with the focus being on assisting families with children who were presenting learning and/or emotional problems. Among the services offered were assessments and therapy for both children and parents. Due to the changing needs of South African communities, the Centre has expanded to include services to children, youth, their families and the systems which impact on them. In line with modern Child and Family Care Philosophy and the new Children's Act of South Africa, the strengthening and preservation of family life is the focus of services to communities. Early detection of, and intervention into, difficulties experienced by children and their families is vital in order to build capacity in families and communities.

The aims and focus of the project:
Through community engagement, he JPCCC aims to mitigate challenges faced by children (barriers to learning, social, emotional and behavioural developmental difficulties). The goal is to move children from a state of survival to one of optimal development. By mitigating these challenges it allows for increased opportunity as each child will be able to reach their individual potential. By supporting the development of children and the JPCCC we are able to alleviate some of their challenges.


Our group concentrated on the development of the self in society. This focused primarily on the following topics:
• Goal settings
• Personal values
• Relationships
• Influences
• Health and hygiene
• Accidents
• Risky behavior
• Socio-economic environment
• Role models

We decided to create a workbook because there was a need for life skills workbooks for the children. This workbook would have activities in it that would teach them about the topics above. The workbooks were created so that the children could have something of their own that they can personalize and write in to create a sense of ownership and have the necessary life skills information available to them at all times.


The concept of a workbook was created to allow the children of JPCCC to have fun activities to do that teaches them about life skills such as: self- awareness, their personal values, how to establish their goals and the different types of relationships you experience. The workbook also includes pages that the children can write on to express their feelings. This workbook has been created for the children to have a sense of ownership, something they could take home with them and say that this book belongs to me. The workbook consists on constant branding throughout the workbook of the the JPCCC logo, so even if the children take it to school with them, their school will be able to see that the child belongs to the JPCCC. The branding is also consistent with the worksheets, posters, body maps, badges and other material that was created and designed for JPCCC that is part of the Life skills group.