JPCCC Maths Worksheets 2015

JPCCC 2015

JPCCC was started in 1944 as the Child Guidance Clinic with the focus being on assisting families with children who were presenting learning and/or emotional problems. Among the services offered were assessments and therapy for both children and parents. Due to the changing needs of South African communities, the Centre has expanded to include services to children, youth, their families and the systems which impact on them. In line with modern Child and Family Care Philosophy and the new Children's Act of South Africa, the strengthening and preservation of family life is the focus of services to communities. Early detection of, and intervention into, difficulties experienced by children and their families is vital in order to build capacity in families and communities.

The aims and focus of the project:

Through community engagement, he JPCCC aims to mitigate challenges faced by children (barriers to learning, social, emotional and behavioural developmental difficulties). The goal is to move children from a state of survival to one of optimal development. By mitigating these challenges it allows for increased opportunity as each child will be able to reach their individual potential. By supporting the development of children and the JPCCC we are able to alleviate some of their challenges.


The JPCCC offers an extra maths programme for the children that come to the center. They were lacking worksheets and resources to aid the children that needed the extra help with maths. As a group we decided to research teaching methods, and worksheets which would aid the teachers and the children and improve the basic maths skills of the children. The worksheets are based on the CAPS syllabus and requirements that children at certain ages should have. The worksheets have been aimed at grade 1, 2 and 3 students, as it is important to get an understanding of the basics before any further steps can be taken.


The worksheets are set to be an aid to help children learn and understand the basic principles of maths and also to be an aid that the counsellors can use to implement these skills. Although maths may not be enjoyable, it is fundamentally important in developing a child’s thinking processes, and without resources it makes it incredibly difficult to teach. The worksheets that were created focus on:
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Patterns
• Counting
• Data and graphs
• Geometry (basic shapes)
• Multiplication

In total there are 31 different worksheets aimed at different learning levels, which have been printed A4 back to back, to reduce the cost of printing, and the amount of paper used. The content on the pages is black and white, this also reduces the cost of printing. The worksheets are laminated , allowing for them to be reused. Making them beneficial, as they reduce printing costs.

The worksheets use elements from the brand creating sense of brand consistency, which also allows for users to know that these are JPCCC worksheets. The logo is present on every worksheet, and the line elements that separate the header from the content were based on the line elements from the posters and body maps, this was just a simple element to create a sense of style, and identification on the worksheets.