Kopanang Packaging 2015

Kopanang 2015

Kopanang community project – A project that has been running since 2001, to uplift the lives of women on the fringes of society. This is done through offering emotional support and a caring community, an opportunity to earn a basic living through the making embroidered products. Most of the women live in shacks, around Tsakane, a township far from any town or job opportunities, have little formal education, and are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.
The project is currently undertaking an intensive formation and training initiative, with the aim of the project becoming managed and run by the women.

The aims and focus of 2015
To assist the community to improve sales and thus income through more effective products, packaging and marketing.
To work with their design team to improve their understanding of design to become more self-sufficient.


The Objective
• Improve the design of the packaging from the previous year
• Create an easier manufacturing process
• Simplify the design of the packaging
• Create packaging that will enhance and compliment the products being placed in the packaging
• Entice the ladies to carry on with the design and make it a part of their production
• The woman wanted the packaging to have an African feel to it.
• The packaging needed to be flat, durable and easy to transport in a luggage bag.


• Trendy bag created in 2 different sizes (large and medium)
• is made of two materials; Shweshwe/Printed Cotton and Organza
• can be sold as another product
• enhances and compliments the products being packaged
• can be exported easily as it can fit in condensed areas
• is simple and cheap to make
• motivates the customers to buy more products
• can be reused for other purposes
• displays the product

• are used as bookmarks
• tell the stories of the women of Kopanang
• are simple and easy to make
• are able to create a personal feel to the product

• are designed to store the jewellery
• are easily transported
• are able to display the product
• are classy