Lawyers Against Abuse Marketing 2017

Lawyers Against Abuse 2017

LvA operates a legal services centre in the heart of Diepsloot, an informal settlement in northern Johannesburg that is home to approximately 500,000. Recent research has confirmed that sexual violence and domestic violence are rife within the community, with rates more than double the prevalence than in other parts of the country.

LvA’s work follows a two-pronged approach: PREVENTION and RESPONSE. Through our community engagement, we seek to empower women and girls in Diepsloot, providing them with the tools to challenge the conditions that lead to the existence of violence in the first place. At the same time, we work to address the real legal and psychosocial needs of victims when violence does happen and strive to ensure accountability within the justice system.

Aims and focus of the project:

  • To align the existing Brand identity with a succinct and approachable brand identity.
  • To assist with marketing strategy and boost sponsorship.
  • To improve and redesign Lva’s existing work space.
  • To create animated awareness promotional videos to help raise general awareness and boost sponsorship.


Considering that funds are the most challenging obstacle faced by the Non-Profit Organisation, Lawyers against Abuse (LvA), our main goal is to explore various methods of raising funds. By doing so, different target markets are approached to achieve this goal. It is also important for our group to raise awareness of Gender Based Violence while simultaneously educating victims of their legal rights. We aim to accomplish these goals in a way where we empower survivors instead of victimizing individuals.



  • To educate the younger generations of gender based violence, the effect it has on its    victims, as well as to educate the victims of their legal rights
  • To celebrate the survivors of gender based violence acts that was forced upon them
  • To raise funds for LvA to allow them to continue their work of supporting and healing victims of gender based violence



  • To raise funds to donate to help LvA to help with their cause
  • Gender Based Violence Education and Awareness
  • Social activity


Individual Based Fundraising Toolkit:

  • 14 ideas for individual and event-based fundraising
  • Customisable posters for your hosted events
  • Invitations and thank you cards / emailers to send to your guests
  • A customisable press release / email template
  • Facebook & Twitter banners to use while campaigning as an LvA Ambassador
  • A handout to help people understand the impact of their donations


Educational Institution Based Event Fundraising Toolkit:

  • 5 ideas for educational institution event-based fundraising
  • Customisable posters for your hosted events
  • Tickets with tear off pieces for participants
  • Facebook & Twitter banners to use while campaigning as an LvA Ambassador


We believe that our outcomes are deemed as social responsible due to the fact of head on addressing LvA’s biggest problem, which is funds.

We also feel strongly about our social responsibly to educate especially the younger generations, hence educational institutions being one of our most promising target markets.

These events create opportunities for communities to get involved.