Lawyers Against Abuse Multi Media 2017

Lawyers Against Abuse 2017

LvA operates a legal services centre in the heart of Diepsloot, an informal settlement in northern Johannesburg that is home to approximately 500,000. Recent research has confirmed that sexual violence and domestic violence are rife within the community, with rates more than double the prevalence than in other parts of the country.

LvA’s work follows a two-pronged approach: PREVENTION and RESPONSE. Through our community engagement, we seek to empower women and girls in Diepsloot, providing them with the tools to challenge the conditions that lead to the existence of violence in the first place. At the same time, we work to address the real legal and psychosocial needs of victims when violence does happen and strive to ensure accountability within the justice system.

Aims and focus of the project:

  • To align the existing Brand identity with a succinct and approachable brand identity.
  • To assist with marketing strategy and boost sponsorship.
  • To improve and redesign Lva’s existing work space.
  • To create animated awareness promotional videos to help raise general awareness and boost sponsorship.


We were tasked with creating two videos. One animated and one documentary-esque.

We focused on key concepts such as:

  • Our reality
  • Our response
  • Our impact
  • Our needs
  • Our hope

We had to design the videos in a way that would inform people on who LvA is and the services they offer to a person who knew nothing about the company.  We has to capture essence of what they do, and encourage people to donate to their organization without physically having to ask for ask for money. 


The animation was centred around incorporating boring statistics and fun infographics as means to create an informative piece of work that would be able to create awareness as to the work carried out by LvA in Diepsloot.

With the documentary we have created an awareness act through the use of interviewing fellow colleagues in LvA, to deliver their message all over South Africa as now as it stands people only hear about them via word of mouth. 

Through a multi-media perspective, the typography used is called mesmerize taken from the ultra-light family which decreases the consumption of ink due to its thin strokes. Which makes it economically sustainable in terms of printing and usage of space.

Our entire project output highlights the work that LvA does for the community and therefore encourages people to work with LvA against gender based violence.