Life Below Water Exhibition Design 2019

This 10 Percent brief, titled ‘Life Below Water’ is a directive undertaken by students of GDC and artist Marc Edwards, and is focused on collecting data from the Braamfontein, Montgomery and Westdene spruits, in Johannesburg's Northern Suburbs. Primarily a research based project, our findings were divided up into various sub-groups loosely categorized in sections, namely History, Geography and Biology as well as web and exhibition design. Once our empirical research was conducted, our aim was to build a comprehensive data base of the river. The collation of this comprehensive data base also culminated in a variety of community and creative projects. A database taking the form of a website, an app for users of the river to monitor the health of the river system and an exhibition in which our data was to be processed into artworks by Marc Edwards.

Our Ten Percent project: Life Below Water, based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number fourteen, works with artist and academic, Marc Edwards toward the objective of enabling our surrounding communities to recognize and reinvest into the identity of the river as an entity which has a personality, a spirit and a life; all in an attempt to reconnect with the ecosystem that supports us.


The brief required us to collect information to help us become conscious of the state of the river sources in Johannesburg North. We were required to research on the specimen found in the rivers and what condition the rivers are in due to rubbish. With the information we had to assist our client to create an exhibition to deal with questions about accountability, relationship and consciousness to the river system


Working with Marc Edwards we focus the data into an art project.

Our group modelled Circa Gallery, curated the interior space, and designed furniture for Marc Edward to exhibit the artworks he had created.

Having worked with Marc throughout the project, and consulted with him at every step, we are confident our outputs communicate and accentuate Marc artworks quiet well. Designing new furniture to present the artworks on was one of the biggest challenges our team faced. The amount of concepts proposed to Marc were overwhelming and thus took us longer to get through and decide on the final design.

The team took rigorous measures to ensure the final furniture concepts were the best fitting for the client’s work. We applied techniques such as critiquing each other’s work before we presented to the client. This was done as a form of quality control for the final outcome.