Lawyers Against Abuse Interior 2017

Lawyers Against Abuse 2017

LvA operates a legal services centre in the heart of Diepsloot, an informal settlement in northern Johannesburg that is home to approximately 500,000. Recent research has confirmed that sexual violence and domestic violence are rife within the community, with rates more than double the prevalence than in other parts of the country.

LvA’s work follows a two-pronged approach: PREVENTION and RESPONSE. Through our community engagement, we seek to empower women and girls in Diepsloot, providing them with the tools to challenge the conditions that lead to the existence of violence in the first place. At the same time, we work to address the real legal and psychosocial needs of victims when violence does happen and strive to ensure accountability within the justice system.

Aims and focus of the project:

  • To align the existing Brand identity with a succinct and approachable brand identity.
  • To assist with marketing strategy and boost sponsorship.
  • To improve and redesign Lva’s existing work space.
  • To create animated awareness promotional videos to help raise general awareness and boost sponsorship.


Our task was to re-design LvA’s Space.

We had to find sponsors that were willing to help aid the improvements and changes we wanted to make.

Create a space that was practical when considering the size of the container itself and we wanted to be true to the colours that are associated with LvA’s branding and identity.

LvA is a non-profit organisation which means for this project we had no budget given by the client. These circumstances motivated us to find sponsors that were willing to help us achieve our ideal design.

We wanted to create a nurturing environment that allows the women to feel safe and calm while they are visiting the LvA facilities. We achieved this by using purple as it is a very empowering colour and it is also part of LvA’s branding and identity. The stickers in the waiting area are all empowering words as this is part of LvA’s mission, making the women feel empowered to take control of their circumstances.

And so we created a space that caters for the needs of LvA and its clients


Waiting Room

  • We wanted to give the waiting room a peaceful feel as this is where the victims will sit while they wait for help.


Working Space

  • Here we wanted to create a space with as many working spaces as possible. We also wanted to separate it from the waiting area. 



  • Here we brought in the large black cupboard and made it purple. This created more space in the kitchen.


Group Therapy & Children’s Therapy

  • In this space we used the drawers to create a divide between the children’s area and the boardroom/group therapy.


Therapy Office

  • We managed to get new chairs sponsored that would be more comfortable for the therapy sessions.


Wheelchair Ramp

  • The wheelchair ramp is made of steel and pipe


Our design is socially responsible as our main focus is on  what the victims feel and how their mind processes information when they seek help from LvA. We want the women and children to have a sense of security and comfort while they are at the LvA facility. We also wanted the employees to feel comfortable while they are working in the Diepsloot community