Mind Works Mdoc 2015

Mind Works

Mental health care users are one of the most vulnerable, invisible and forgotten groups of people in our society. Very often they are not in a position to eloquently state their concerns and grievances; there is still much stigma and discrimination against them; many face physical, sexual and psychological abuse, unfair denial of employment opportunities and discrimination in access to health care and other services.

The aim of the project is to explore and deliver design solutions to a subject that is considered to be one that is both stigmatised and marginalised. The focus of this project is to select certain mental health disorders as directed from our client SADAG and to find design solutions that can bring awareness to these disorders as well as to highlight mental health. 

Substance abuse PSA


The aim of the project is to explore and deliver design solutions to a subject that is stigmatised and marginalised. Our main target market is the rural youth of South Africa in particular, those of the Diepsloot community. Our main focus as a group is on Teen suicide and Substance abuse by teens.  In an effort to address these issues we will be creating public service announcements to educate the public on these issues.

Teen Suicide PSA


Substance abuse - Hands
The concept is that, children start using drugs at an early age and so losing their childhood innocence at an early age. We used hands to illustrate that the hands that are supposed to be playing games are now being corrupted by substance abuse.

The use of the hands has a symbolic role showing the expressions and emotions of an individual going through the process of accessing and becoming a Nyaope addict as their hands and body slowly degrades away. The hands are effective as in general you are able to tell a lot from someone by looking at their hands for example wealth, hard labour, pain and the way they carry themselves.

The output shows the hands going from a child’s hands which are meant to be playing games to the hands of an adult filled with anguish because of the effects of substance abuse. We also show the hands of a dealer giving Nyaope to a child.


Teen suicide - Social Media.
Teen suicide is on the rise and there is a connection to teen suicide and social networking media usage. Most teenagers spend 90% of their day attached to their devices. Here they try to forge connections but often the result is rejection. Malicious things are often said online, and there is a growing trend of exposing nude photos. All these issues have led to a rise in teen suicide. Our output attempts to speak to the teens and make them realise that they are not what social media says they are.

An animated PSA showing Social media as one of the causes of teen suicide. Social media is used as a platform for cyber bullying and cyber bullying can lead to suicide in Teens.


Sebastian Clarke, Chiedza Kehle, Molebogeng Seleka, Lisa Cahn, Mmatshepo Simelane