NZOMELA HERBAL BREAD Investment Document 2019

Nzomela Herbal Bread was founded by Jabulani Ngwenya and Bulelani Williams in 2018. The company started in an effort to combat one of the township’s biggest challenges; hunger. Nzomela realised that the majority of the township relies on bread that is both unhealthy and expensive for residents who live below the breadline. Nzomela Herbal Bread provide high-quality and low-cost bread to underprivileged communities. Nzomela Herbal Bread makes use of local ingredients are proudly South African products.

Nzomela Herbal Bread decided to develop their own organic bread made with the freshest herbs. At the moment they only make 4 ‘flavours’ of bread including cannabis bread (upon request) but are hoping to increase their product line and range in the near future.

They are able to make 4 loaves of bread an hour. The loaves are taken for distribution by Bulelani, the “Super Distributor”, who delivers approximately 20 loaves to loyal customers at R10/loaf. One might think the price is steep for the size of the bread, but customers who have tasted the bread will assure you that it is worth every cent.


Group 3 was tasked to compile an investment document for Nzomela Herbal Bread that they could take to potential investors/funders. We were tasked to manage and collect the other sub groups content and compile weekly presentations that reflected their progress.



  • Communication with other groups
  • Communicating effectively with audience
  • Making boring information exciting
  • Make Nzomela look credible



  • Compiled, edited and summarised information from groups 1 and 2
  • Created presentation to take to potential investors/funders
  • Created infographics
  • Managed other groups
  • Icon design
  • Compiled final 10% presentation