Origins General Marketing2017

Origins Centre 2017

The Origins Centre is the world’s only museum dedicated to exploring and celebrating the history of modern humankind. The Museum provides visitors with a unique experience of Africa’s rich, complex heritage and boasts an extensive collection of rock art from the Wits Rock Art Research Institute.

The aim of the project is to explore and deliver design solutions on the subject of the Middle Stone Age. This will take the form of redesigning portions of the entrance hall exhibit as well as conceptualising a space and interactive areas concerning Blombos Cave (Cave Quest).

The focus of this project is on the innovations of Middle Stone Age period in southern Africa. The archaeology of this period reflects a plethora of new and innovative items that have helped archaeologists understand the timing and location of the development of complex (or ‘modern’) human behavior. Blombos Cave is an extremely significant MSA site that has produced phenomenal archaeological material. This project links up with a new museum and interpretative centre that is being built in the De Hoop Nature Reserve, on the southern Cape coast. The opening of the De Hoop Human Origins Centre is planned for 2018.


This project is very human-centred; we were briefed on what the clients believed the problems to be, and then went out and saw for ourselves what else could be done and added to what already exists. In order for this project to be successful, this information was key to our understanding of what the community needed.


Graphic Designers:

  • Required to do marketing on the ‘Cave Quest’ section-Brochure, and products that will be placed in the shops.
  • Brochures must include information of the Origins Centre as a whole, which includes: Information on the ‘Cave Quest’, ‘MSA’ (Middle-Stone Age), Rock Bulge, Research Centre and Archives.


  • Come up with a PSA (Public Service Announcement), poster that will promote the museum-by means of live-action or animation. The aim for this is to market the whole centre.