Origins Rock Bulge Decals 2017

Origins Centre 2017

The Origins Centre is the world’s only museum dedicated to exploring and celebrating the history of modern humankind. The Museum provides visitors with a unique experience of Africa’s rich, complex heritage and boasts an extensive collection of rock art from the Wits Rock Art Research Institute.

The aim of the project is to explore and deliver design solutions on the subject of the Middle Stone Age. This will take the form of redesigning portions of the entrance hall exhibit as well as conceptualising a space and interactive areas concerning Blombos Cave (Cave Quest).

The focus of this project is on the innovations of Middle Stone Age period in southern Africa. The archaeology of this period reflects a plethora of new and innovative items that have helped archaeologists understand the timing and location of the development of complex (or ‘modern’) human behavior. Blombos Cave is an extremely significant MSA site that has produced phenomenal archaeological material. This project links up with a new museum and interpretative centre that is being built in the De Hoop Nature Reserve, on the southern Cape coast. The opening of the De Hoop Human Origins Centre is planned for 2018.


Our sub group’s main aim is to display information in an inter-active way that would catch the reader’s eyes as well as convey information in a manner that does not seem boring but to also take into the practicality of the design as it needs to be easy to maintain and change should there be changes or additions that need to be made to the panels.

For the Origins project we were tasked to create the information's panels as well as a way to display the re-drawings.

Specifically we worked in the New Wing of the Rock bulge exhibit in Wits museum. It needed panels information, label panels, a way to display the re-drawings of the engravings and decals along all the windows


We decided on using vinyl as it complements the industrial modern look of the new wing and would go along with the decals on the windows. Our group was also tasked with adding decals to the windows in order to enhance the space of the museum and our group was also tasked with adding decals to the windows in order to enhance the space of the museum

Through the process, we eliminated the ideas of using separate panels as it was not cost-effective. Thus we implemented the use of the walls along with vinyl stickers for the information. It allowed for easy removal when there is new information and keeps the theme of the industrial modern look. Line work and wiring of San drawings are the other elements within the design, it ties with all the other levels of the museum inclusive of the cave quest. This element is our way in which we integrated colour and the lines create a cohesive nature throughout, allowing audiences to be drawn towards certain parts.