Permaculture Farm Design – Interior 2015

Permaculture 2015

Afrivival is a community based voluntary organisation (CBO) developing sustainable lifestyle initiatives, based in Johannesburg, and working in rural communities that span the country.

Afrivival’s primary goal is to provide food and water security to communities in rural areas. This is achieved by assisting in the development of water services infrastructure, as well as the planting and preparation of household organic food gardens and the construction of new family homes. We also introduce and supervise the training required for growing, collecting and packaging fresh farm produce – for distribution through a network of service agencies and programs that serve to enrich our target population groups.

Afrivival’s primary services include the establishment of family permaculture gardens, food programs, and community farms that provide employment opportunities to local community members. With the right direction, these programs will lead to communities that can supply their own needs and have the ability to improve their families’ overall quality of life.

The aims and focus of 2015 is for students to assist the NPO, Afrivival in delivering their ervices to the Co-Ops and communities more effectively.


The given project was to design a multi functional space, that would be used as a training center, seed packing facility and kitchen that would be used to empower communities. The centers' main function is to introduce and supervise the training required for growing, collecting and packaging fresh produce. Design solutions should be concise with affordable, sustainable housing and energy requirements.


The concept for the training centre was to focus on the design, training and implementation in order to have a positive impact on the social, enviromental and economic framework. The design incorporated multifunctional fold down tables which allows the space to be used for several different purposes. The open kitchen and seed packaging zones create a communal area for visitors to gather in a more informal setting, creating a relaxed, social feel.

We incorporated wood pallets, that was readily available to Afrivival, which was manipulated into all fixed furniture such as the large “farm style” table in the kitchen and the fold down table in the training room. By incorporating MoxiWall to cover a large surface area, people are given the chance to have a large area to express thoughts and ideas. The white wall will be used for a white board and will be used as the backdrop for the projector that will be installed. The client had asked us to use the edging for fixed furniture so that open space could be created.