Permaculture the But Movement 2016

Permaculture 2016

Permaculture is a tool that is currently being implemented by various organisations as a platform for empowering previously disadvantaged communities. Permaculture could be revolutionary in a South African context especially in previously disadvantaged communities by:

  1.  improving the health of communities through a healthier and affordable eating plan,
  2. Through creating awareness of self-sustainability as promoted through Permaculture
  3.  and by educating communities in the philosophy and implementation of Permaculture
  4. and using Permaculture to create small-business opportunities and thus alleviating poverty

But there exist various factors that challenges the successful implementation of Permaculture for organisations that promotes its benefits. These will be addressed in this 10 Percent project!
Aims and focus of the project
Students will be confronted with the opportunities and challenges of the ‘Green Sector’, the role Permaculture plays in uplifting communities within a South African context. The students are tasked to:
• Understand and define issues from a design perspective
• Generate multiple potential solutions
• Build a prototype testing a design solution in a tangible manner

The aim of the project is therefore for students to gain an understanding of Permaculture entering the ‘Green Sector’ in South Africa and to write a brief that addresses the issues involved.
A design solution must be executed to illustrate how Permaculture can improve communities that considers the various constraints posed by the ‘green Sector’, Permaculture and impoverishment.


The Butt Movement proposes a design solution for the disposing of used cigarette butts, as well as to provide a sustainable alternative product. We aim to eliminate the human behaviour of littering, not smoking. The conventional cigarette butt takes up to 15 years to disintegrate, where our proposed design takes no longer than 5 months, even if the butts are littered in the streets. By starting with our direct community, we are looking at the usage of biodegradable materials as a solution for the prevention of the problem growing. To get the community involved we used sociomimicry (mimicking the most popular social trend) as a fun and interactive method to keep users motivated. At this stage, Pokémon Go is by far ahead of all other competing trends. We created 3 different faction, with each team designated to their own method of recycling cigarette butts. Each team has an airtight portable ashtray.


The conventional cigarette butt is made up from cellulose acetate (a plastic), and the balance is made up from papers and rayon. The reason for choosing this material is relatively easy. Organic Cotton is grown without the use of any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, or any other chemicals. It possesses the characteristic of being very absorbent and isn’t be genetically modified. It also reduces the environmental impact, due to the fact that it disintegrates in as little as 18 days. The filter is designed to keep the nicotine from seeping into the chewing gum. A biodegradable chewing gum butt seems a bit far-fetched, but all with good reason. The sap extracted from the Sapodilla tree acts as a natural gum base. Possessing health benefits such as the prevention of oral and cavity cancer, as well as curing tooth aches. It also improves eye vision, energizes the body and regularizes the functioning of the digestive system. This gum base dissolves in water and biodegrades within 2 weeks when exposed to bacteria and enzymes. By protecting the butt with an edible wrapper made up from glycerine, gelatine, and water, prevents the chewing gum from getting sticky. The edible wrapper also allows for a longer shelf life.

Bin System.
Team Malifacent
A mystical being, often referred to as The Protector. Malifacent shields her people with her beauty. She carries proudly as she withholds all the knowledge of fashion.
The yellow team is designated to collect cigarette butts in order for the chemicals to be extracted. Once this process is complete, the remaining fibres are used to create cotton-like pillows, blankets, fashion garments, etc. These fibres act as insulators and are great for capturing heat.

Team Flaraka
Flaraka is a fierce phoenix that is said to be hotter than the sun itself. With each time it is reborn, it gains more power and grows ever bright.
The red team is designated with the recycling method of using the collected cigarette butts as bricks. The butts are mixed into a form of clay bricks and require less energy to fire them up. The energy needed for this process was cut by up to 58%.

Team Silandalor
Silandalor, the raging blue mechanical bull that is the most pure and stainless. It is said that the bull imbue itself with virtue and strength.
The blue team has the designated recycling method of nicotine extraction. When the extraction has been recovered, it is applied to corroding steel. If applied early enough, it prevents rusting.

Portable Ashtrays
By creating a public bin system in designated smoking areas, solves the littering problem in those spaces. In conjunction with the bin system, a portable ashtray design was implemented for smokers-on-the-go. This allows the user to store all the butts and dispose of in public bins, while still supporting their team of recycling choice.

A website is up and running to supply users with information on The Butt Movement. Information on the various factions, as well as materials can be easily accessed. An online survey is available, where one can answer a series of questions, as well as leave comments and remarks. The results stating the winning team will also be posted on the website, this allows users to keep up to date on the leading team. The website is accessible on