Jozi Gem Interior Décor 2016

Jozi Gem 2016

All around Johannesburg there is a presence of street artists. During this project you will choose the best of the street artists and work with a select few to uplift and empower them to potentially launch a design product line which could feed into 1200 Nando’s restaurants nationally and internationally.

You are tasked to source street artists from the street community of artists around Johannesburg. Some of the main markets to look for quality street artists would be the Rosebank Crafters Market, William Nichol Market and the Crafters Shop below Moyo’s at Zoo Lake. You may include graffiti artists, wire sculptors, wood carvers, metal workers i.e. basically anyone who makes and sells art in and from the streets of Johannesburg. This means that of all the street art out there, you have to find the best artists and the best art. You will then have to ask the artist if they would like to be involved in this project (Remember GDC policy on ethics).

Aims and focus of the project:
Each group has to design and develop a product that can be applied in the restaurant/retail industry. The product design has to be developed to a point where the street artist can produce a prototype.

The presentations will be made before corporate funders and your design and presentation could lead to launching a career for the street artists.


This project is aimed to create a commodity around a street artist, to give them an opportunity with
Nandos to gain exposure and opportunity in life.



Based on a Bathroom theme we have decided to use sculptures and carvers to create custom basin, units and accessories for the Nandos restaurant franchise.


  • Rock/stone sculpture
  • Stone finishes

 Based on the artist sculpting skills we looked at combining his work with a clean geometric feel that can be seen as minimal and economic within the space restrictions. We drew inspiration from the work of Marco Cianfanelli, as we saw a connection between the two artists work and could implement the sophisticated nature of Marco Cianfanelli work into our street artists design.

The basin design incorporates a gradient into the surface for water to drain.

There is a drip tray built into the basin, with a gradient, allowing the water to drain into the plumbing system.



Chandelier units with an African Baobab appeal that reflects the South African culture within the tradition of people coming together.


  • Wire work
  • Sheet metal welding