Kopanang New Products Group

Kopanang 2016

Kopanang community project is a project that has been running since 2001, to uplift the lives of women on the fringes of society. This is done through offering emotional support and a caring community, an opportunity to earn a basic living through the making embroidered products. Most of the women live in shacks, around Tsakane, a township far from any town or job opportunities, have little formal education, and are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.
The project is currently undertaking an intensive formation and training initiative, with the aim of the project becoming managed and run by the women.

The aims and focus of the project 
This year we will focus on 3 areas, using your design skills to assist the community.
Redesign the website and the design of all marketing material.
Re-look at the physical space of the project.
create new or streamlined products.


The outcome for this group is to Design some exciting new products that use the skills of the women, are contemporary, and acceptable to markets. These products could be sewn, embroidered or beaded.
To engage the community’s design team get their input into the design process and the development of the products, and to enhance their understanding of design process.

The objective of the sub group was to create a new contemporary product design that still has Kopanang’s aesthetic feel which would allow for a greater market. The objective is to use the ladies skills to create something beautiful and useful, which is sustainable.


In order to make the product design sustainable:

  • We used materials which the ladies currently use and have easy access to.
  • We made a tutorial video and poster for the women to follow step- by- step instructions on how to make the product.
  • We gave the ladies of Kopanang the basic pattern to create the product as well as trained them how to assemble the bag .
  • We then made a manual which consisted of different ways to style the bag.