2013 – The Autism Project

This project dealt with the Autistic Community, particularly children with autism. Students collaborated with the Key School by creating awareness as well as creating digital and multimedia games for the children to play and learn at the same time. Several games were completed and made available on android devices including the following:


This group created a basic utility application that teaches the children to communicate. It is designed to follow the schedule they follow at the school and all the activities that they take part in. The application has three characters, they are Lenny the hippo, Kenny the panda and Jenny the dragon.


Sens Game

This game is based on 3 of the human senses, namely being sight, touch and the sense of hearing. It consists of four different activities:

Puzzles: The first puzzle engages with shapes and the second puzzle engages with the growing stages of plants.

Animal Associations: This is where the children associate animal sounds with the animals.

Shopping Mall: This is where the children drag and drop their groceries in their baskets.

Sketch pad: This is where the children can draw and colour freely.


HowTo Game

HowTo is designed on the day to day activities that the children learn in school. This includes making tea, how to dish up food and how to wash the dishes. You have a choice of playing this game in English or Afrikaans and therefore, the kids can also learn how to say the certain words in both languages. This game also teaches the children how to identify certain words and associate them to certain objects. Jerri the giraffe is there to help the children with knowing what to do in the game.