2022 – A World Wide 10% Community

SDG 17: Partnership for the Goals

The challenge in one sentence:
Let’s think big and create a world wide 10% community

The 10% project over the years has proven to be a very powerful concept in training designers how to work on so-called wicked societal challenges. Not only is it a forward-thinking way of preparing creatives for taking up responsibility in (and for!) a world which is becoming more and more complex. At the same time it connects arts education with the real world and leaves a positive impact on society.
Now that the 10% concept has matured, the time has come to export it to other arts institutions worldwide. And this is not only about exporting, it is especially about connecting, about creating a community of institutions that want to dedicate 10% of their time to create societal impact. This is quite an ambitious challenge, but it has the potential to multiply the current impact big time!

Possible deliverables:

  • A ‘brand compass’ for the 10% project and a visual identity
  • A community concept (who’s in, onboarding process, how to connect, etc…)
  • A communication strategy
  • A video showcase
  • A website prototype
  • A 10% toolkit

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