2022 – Nature Conservation for Change

SDG 15: Life on Land

Learn, unlearn and re-learn the ways we engage with Nature through design.

The Conservation for Change project will work in collaboration with the Permaculture for Change project, as part of a bigger 10% research initiative. This project is the perfect opportunity to propel your curiosity and create the change you want to see in the world. Permaculture can be defined as the splicing of “permanent” and “culture” to indicate that a design system can be applied to all aspects of designing a resilient culture (Stross, 2022). Moreso, permaculture recognises and values indigenous methods of working with land and people.

According to Creative Conscience (2021), almost all societies have in some way or form recognised the importance that nature and its biological diversity has had upon them and the need to maintain it. As such, the Nature Conservation for Change brief asks:

  • How might we help people, businesses, and nations to ensure their physical presence elevates natural ecosystems?


  • How might we help people, businesses, and nations to reclaim, recycle and reuse waste?

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