2013 – Mindworks

The aim of the project is to explore and deliver design solutions to a subject that is considered to be one that is both stigmatised and marginalised. The focus of this project is to select certain mental illnesses and to find design solutions that can bring awareness to these disorders as well as to highlight mental health.  Each group focused on a particular condition or issue as summarized below.

Creating a stress free zone at GDC

Students partnered with the Anger and Stress Management Centre to better understand the cause, nature, and management of stress. Based on their findings, students conceived of a stress free zone for GDC students. Students addressed issues of space, interactivity and emotional outlets in their final proposals.


The primary goal of this group was to raise awareness and educate people about an often misunderstood mental disorder, Bipolar.


Students worked with an Alzheimer Care Unit to better understand the condition and ways in which Alzheimer patients can be comforted and care-for. They then incorporated their findings into a proposed interior design for the home, for example by including space for sensory and memory activities


The ADHD grouped designed a number of design artefacts related to ADHD. These included:

  • four posters that illustrate an alternative therapy for ADHD as well as de-stigmatise the beliefs created about people with ADHD
  • four motivational cards that will be specifically for teenagers (age 13-18), with ADHD
  • six interactive cards that will go into our communities where the children can take part in a colouring competition of the interactive cards
  • an informational video  that informs parents and teachers on how they can help their children without medication
  • two hand –crafted posters that are visually appealing about ADHD that can be given to communities