2009 – The Cool Trash Project


This project will explore the potential of applied research. Goal is to create a product/s variety made and design on foundation of recycled materials or Owaste manufacturing process.

Waste /trash /refuse =   can be defined as any material lacking direct value to the producer and so must be disposed off. The production of waste material is known as the waste stream and includes the entire variety of refuse generating during domestic, industrial, construction and commercial processes.

Although South Africa compromises only 4% of the land area and 7 % of the population of the entire African continent, it consumes about 35% of the energy used in Africa. We want you to recycle.

Who was the community:
As starting point the class will divide into 5 groups where each group will work together on one of the self selected projects.

Group1 – Bin it

Group2- Trash the place

Group3- Tree Huggers

Group4- Trashy Beats

Group5- Hip This Sh!t

What was the Context?

Cool trash product/s – Product design as family or range preferentially derived from waste material/s

Design a product to be manufactured locally in South Africa.  The product must be commercially viable and must be able to be manufactured/crafter locally (i.e. no high tech materials or manufacturing).  With this in mind the product should allow for ease of manufacture, maintenance.  The use of locally available recycled/ sustainable materials is preferable.

What was the design problem:
The products must be functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.  It should be designed such that it can be locally crafted/manufactured, yet at the same time it should be expressed in new contemporary / modern visual language.

What was the design solution:
To create fashionable accessories out of trash. The design output included wearable garments, vases and furniture that were comprised of recycled discarded materials.