2011 – The Spazashop Project

Who is the community?

NAFCOC (National African Federation  Chamber of Commerce) who aims to support and promote Spaza Shop owners (informal general dealers).

What was the problem?
Spaza Shop owners are struggling to make profitable businesses due to a lack of basic resources and equipment (such as funds, a secure structures from which to operate and storage facilities), a recognisable brand, and limited access to stock at cost price.

How did GDC get involved?
Aim: To develop a concept and national brand identity for all Spaza shops that NAFCOC can roll out to shop owners.

A brand identity – Jikala (meaning “it’s right here”) Redesigning the structure and layout for Spaza shops, complete with instructions and costing for construction Redesigning elements of NAFCOC’s ware house
Business cards; hoodies; t-shirts, bags, website, cellphone application, posters, facebook page. Interior design and layout, shelving and construction methods, display units, bulletin board, rooftop garden, solar energy. Ailes with branding and shelving, till points.

What the students said about the project:
“As designers, we have the tools to come up with socially-responsible design solutions, that could help empower people and their communities. That is why 10% is a truly inspiring initiative”

“We are in a position to make a difference to so many lives and not only human lives. It’s definitely an advantage to include this as part of our education. It is empowering and inspiring to know that whether you are in Design Plus or a 3rd yr student you can make a difference!”

What the community said about the project:
“Working with GDC students was a blessing. They were attentive and demonstrated a true intension of assist us in finding implementable solutions to developing South Africa as a whole”