2014 – Mindworks

The community:

The South African public represented by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group, a non – governmental organisation is the community we have selected to engage with.

“I’ve always thought of wholeness and integration as necessary myths. We’re fragmented beings who cement ourselves together, but there are always cracks. Living with the cracks is part of being, well, reasonably healthy”

― Siri Hustvedt, The Sorrows of an American

The brief:

The challenge in the design context is to explore and implement design solutions that could have a positive contribution towards mental health issues as well as creating awareness and de-stigmatisation of mental health disorders.

The design solutions will be disseminated through our client SADAG on their website as part of their campaigns and resources , printed in their new health journal, flighted on National television and exhibited at their gala fundraising dinner in October 2014.

 The outputs:

Seven subgroups were formed:

Anxietas : to make a three dimensional educational game based on Panic disorder directed mainly at the youth.

Team Panic : To create a series and variety of posters that educate the public  on various mental health issues including Teen Suicide.

Moments from the Edge: To create a WordPress that is an anonymous platform for individuals in the public to post their feelings around mental health and disorders in the form of artworks. PSA  also to be aired on national television and must be no longer that 45 seconds.

Post for Hope: To create a WordPress as in the previous group and a PSA based on Bi-Polar disorder also not longer than 45 seconds. Below are screenshots for the PSA.

Soup A Stars: To create a series of posters to bring awareness of mental health disorders.