2014 – Permeaculture

Permaculture Project

Students in this project were asked to create an Identity for the Cosmos City Community Farmers Primary Corporation (CCCFPC) and logo for Hulani ( A second Co-op).

after visiting the community to better their understanding of the community, the students identified the following requirements for the logo:

  • Having an icon which is a vegetable or vegetables.
  • Having blue, orange and earthy colours for the logo.
  • Coming up with a slogan for the corporation.

In addition to the logo, students created a stamp which could be used to brand future material in a cost effective way.

Additionally, they were asked to create cost effective and eco-friendly packaging, an educational brochure on permaculture, as well as a pop-up stand market.

Other students redesign ‘Zone Zero’ and their objectives were to create a better work environment, make allowance for simple structures such as toilets, tool shed, education space, and general shaded space. The structure needed to be realist, cheap and self-sufficient.

Students designed a possible layout, using primarily containers to accommodate structures.

The rationale for use of containers was: 

  • long slender spaces
  • easily compact and to design
  • may be a costly purchase at first but the long term benefit = outweigh
  • the ‘L’ shaped was formed creating negative space (working and learning area)
  • outdoor space yet is still shaded by the cloth above
  • utilizes and optimizes the given space without wasting it.
  • services and needs of the community have been designed and grouped together
  • lowing and effective environment to work within
  • structure is easy to access from all sides
  • effectively creates less labour intensive work for the people – save needed energy.
  • an entrance is created by the two containers to visually create a closed environment
  • even though two sides remain completely open
  • this becomes a beautiful yet full functioning space
  • not extremely costly or unrealistic for the community and the government help.