2011 – 4 Paws

Who is the community?
4Paws, an non-profit animal shelter aiming to educate the public, particularly within informal settlements, on the care and treatment of domestic animals. As a shelter they also offer vaccination services and take in abandoned and neglected animals.

What was the problem?
Lack of finance, limited space and equipment, little awareness and support from the larger communities they serve.

How did GDC get involved?
Aim: make the biggest impact possible to help 4Paws meet its objectives.

Raise awareness Improve the facilities Info graphics Fundraising
Design and production of flyers, posters, t-Shirts, and a short explanatory film. Re-organised office space to make it more efficient, laying grass and installing sprinkler system, building beds for digs Designed and printed pamphlets with info-graphics explaining how to care for animals Several cake sales were run to raise funds and awareness

What the students said about the project:
“Greenside Design Center has committed a full month to the improvement of this community and they have definitely achieved results. Achieving many goals that were initially set at the beginning of the project”

What the community said about the project:
“I’ve never seen so many enthusiastic students working together and coming up with all these brilliant ideas and making such a big difference”