2011 – The Street Hawkers Project

Who is the community?
The Street Hawker Concept Store, a small, multifunctional business based in Soweto which aims to be “a place of business, networking, creativity, and fun” for the local youth through art and design

What was the problem?
The venue is rundown and the spaces are not fit for purpose, thus preventing the store from achieving its aims

How did GDC get involved?
Aim: redesign and revamp the venue and design a corporate identity.

The Shop Art Gallery Design Studio Tattoo Parlour Entertainment Area Art Studio
Redesign of façade, display units, DJ booth, shelving, branded interior, editing logo, Track lighting, flyers, business cards, caps, folding display system Design of mobile workspace with lightbox curring apd, seating, letterhead, poster templates, Facebook page Design a screening system, installation of a sink, shelving, info-graphics for care of tattoos, portfolio of tattoo designs Design of the bar area, installation of a stage, repairs to toilets, levelled area with concrete Design for seating, tables, storage, design of educational games and toys

What the students said about the project:
– “The students not only identified the needs but also worked positively in creating design strategies and outcomes that would adequately service the needs of that community in terms of being sustainable. The students were directed by the lecturers to explore empathic design and this helped guide the students on their design proposals.”

– ” I was personally impressed by the hands-on approach adopted by the teams considering that the projects didn’t end with proposals, but actually ended with physical evidence of their work.”

What the community said about the project:

– “You guys helped us immensely, with all your ideas on progress on how to move forwards, all of your design ideas and design solutions. Everything will help us immensely”