Fab Living Conditions

Many of the houses in the Shoshanguve area are either low-cost houses, or temporary shelters. Student research indicates that the main areas of concern in the Shoshanguve Township pertain to crime, lack of heat during in winters and lack of living space.

Who was the community:
The people who live in the Shoshanguve community,

What was the design problem:
Many of the houses situated in Shoshanguve lack appropriate thermal insulation and suffer from uncomfortable heat gain in summer and extreme heat loss in winter.  In most cases, this is due to the fact that roofs are constructed from corrugated iron and there is no ceiling space. Students were asked to investigate possible solutions to this problem that could be developed in the Fab Lab.

What was the design solution:
Students created a mold, using Fab Lab technologies, which could be used to generate fire-proof tiles from treated paper mache on mass.
These tiles would be used to line ceilings which would contribute to increased insulation during winters.