Shoshanguve has an abundance of informal road-side traders. These traders are required to transport and store their goods daily. Students where asked to design a display system that would cater to the needs of such vendors.

Who was the community:
The informal t6raders who live and work in the Shoshanguve area.

What was the design problem:
There are many informla traders in the Shoshanguve area who comete for business on a daily basis. Many of the stalls look the same, and the products are not always displayed to the maximum benefit of the trader. Traders often need to move their wares to secure spaces after business hours, or are often required to transport the goods home.

What was the design solution:
Students where asked to devise a trading and display system that could display vendors goods in a creative yet functional way. Additionally, this system had to address the design problems encountered by informal traders. The system must be affordable to reproduce and easy enough to reproduce in a Fab Lab