2009 – The Equine Design Project

The equine design project entailed designing an international A grade (Olympic standard) equestrian park. The sponsors of the project were attempting to promote a South African Olympic equestrian team; the strategy involved pitching for SA to host the world equestrian championships as well as creating a development program for underprivileged riders.

The South African equestrian community, with a special focuses on developing a racially balanced future Olympic team.

What was the context?:
the project targets the entire equestrian community of south Africa with a special focus on developing the sport with underprivileged riders

What was the design problem:
South Africa currently has no international quarantine facilities or stadiums meeting FEI regulations, which prevents any international competitions being held in Africa. Equestrian sports are regarded as an elitist and under represented sport thereby denying them required government sponsorship for an Olympic team. Therefore a development program for previously disadvantaged riders complete with equine facilities, accommodation and a school was required to address this imbalance.

What was the design solution:
The students designed a FEI regulation enclosed competition  stadium, four open air arenas,  dormitories, school, stable block , entrance , road network, website, logos, mascot, restaurant, VIP area, bar and catering facilities.