2012 – The Kgantsa Project

The community:

Kgantsha Ho Kganye is a not for profit public art project that creates safe, beautiful and engaging spaces of play and recreation for the youth of southern African townships. Organized by Imbawula trust the project is committed to evoking community memory in the interest of building a dialogue between the young and the old of our communities. Imbawula trust (1977/2003) is a not for profit, beneficiary made up of street artists and social activists; activists, from various townships in southern Africa. Formed in 2003, the trust is guided by its vision that is:

“To create innovative platforms for new and emerging talent from southern africa’s streets and townships. to sound a social fire alarm to the social ills in our communities.”

The context:

Kgantsa Ho Ganye volunteered the services of GDC to help provide enrichment to the students of Thabisang Primary School in Soweto. The project focused on the library and computer facilities at the school, including establishing systems in the librarby and providing sustainable solutions to network the computers.

The design solution:

The students were divided into four groups and each group proposed a new design for their specific focus areas, thus giving Kgantsa and Thabisang Primary School four resolved and fully considered design solutions. The students worked on the following elements.

Group 1: Communication and   representation (group of investigatorsCommunicate between the community and students and   represent both groups. Site visits and report back1. Visual documentation of site to present to class2. Present to community3. Present final presentation to GDC
Group 2: Space, infrastructure and recycleDesign space by addressing issues of   functionality.Recycle / up cycle old books1. Floor plan2. Instruction manual and prototype- Methods of building with books- Sculpting/moulding
Group 3: Library GroupDesign a library system 1. Card template/manual (manual and digital)2. Inventory
Group 4: Networking groupNetworking of computersDesign info graphicsTraining, instruction and info graphic   manual 

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