10% is the college’s institution-wide community engagement project. Our students across all levels of study and all disciplines, come together to form new multidisciplinary teams, and apply their design expertise to work with a real community. The project is four weeks long (equating to roughly 10% of the curriculum) and subscribes to the ideal that designers should engage with ‘the other 90%’ that have typically not enjoyed the benefits of design interventions.

The types of communities GDC works with and the design solutions produced vary enormously, from designing prototypes of products for local communities to manufacture for new business, to creating promotional material for street artists, to re-designing exhibition spaces at the Origins Museum, to information graphics for mental health, to educational material for schools and street children.



Without you we cannot move forward. We are aiming to expand in order to help thousand more people transform their lives through design – we can only do this with your support! If you know of a community that we could work with, or an organisation we can collaborate with, or if you have resources we could apply in our projects, let us know and we will contact you back.

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